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Blogging Through the Alphabet
Marcy, over at Ben and Me, has started back at the beginning of the alphabet with her Blogging through the Alphabet.  I debated back and forth about joining in this time around - I have attempted it in the past and usually fail at keeping up with it.  I think I want to follow a theme, but I haven't decided which route to go - just general, family vacations, school stuff, recipes... I have been digging through my photos trying to see if something would spark my attention... nothing was... Then, it hit me.. I decided I could use scouting as my theme!!  I figure between Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, surely I can find something for every letter?  

So... I am going to be blogging through the scout alphabet!  I know that not everyone agrees with Scouts (both Boy & Girl), and I can't say that I agree with them -at a National level... however, at the local level, I can see the good it does for the kids in our community!  As I go through the alphabet, sharing our scouting experience, I hope that those of you who disagree with scouts will at least see that there is some good - at least at the local level!

For *A*, I want to share ADVANCEMENTS!  

Boy Scouts start off as cubs, and they advance by their grade - no matter what they have completed at each level they still move up.  If they don't fulfill the requirements for the level, then the just do not get the patch.  (Most of the time, they have no problem earning the patches).  

As they move up to Boy Scouts (10 years old or have completed 5th grade).  Most move up in February of their 5th grade year.  The advancements for Boy Scouts are different than the cubs... The Boys actually have to EARN their way through the ranks!

Riley has worked hard through the ranks and has made Star.  Pretty big accomplishment to be a Star Scout before 13.  He has plans to make it all the way to Eagle.  I am not sure about the Eagle requirements as far as their project goes, but I am sure that is something I will be consumed with soon!
Girl Scouts advance a little different and their ranks and awards are a little different as well.  They advance similar to the Cubs.  Samantha is currently a Cadette.  That encompassed 6, 7 & 8th grade.  Once she enters 9th grade, she automatically becomes a Senior GS. Regardless of what she has earned or accomplished.  GS advances by age.

Their awards are based on the levels.  Juniors (5&6th graders) can work on and complete their Bronze Award. Samantha and her troop earned their Bronze Award by spending 15 hours on a project and helping out the Sherwood Animal Shelter.  (I will link that post - when I find it!)  The Bronze can be earned as a troop, or in small groups.

Her troop is currently working on the Silver Award.  You can only complete this award as a Cadette.  The Silver can only be done in small groups or as an individual. The girls have to spend 40+ hours on it and it has to benefit the community and be sustainable.  We have 6 girls, one of them is about to move up to Senior and hasn't had time for the Silver.  Between the other 5, we have 3 different projects going on.

Once they move up to Seniors, they can begin the Gold Award.  I am not completely sure how many hours they need to put into the Gold - more than 40- I'm just not there yet! Ask me after the summer - because I know my Scout wants to get started on that one.  The Gold Award has to be approved by the Council, has to benefit the community and has to be sustainable as well.  Gold Awards are comparable to Eagle, and it comes with a scholarship.  Not many girls get that far.

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  1. Wow, congrats on your son's Star Scout achievement. I wasn't aware of all of these levels even though my boys were in for a while during elementary school. My daughter was in Girl Scouts (though I am one that is glad we are no longer affiliated with the Girl Scouts) for several years. We started her in Kindergarten as a Daisy and I was the leader (they didn't have one so I volunteered). Our school district didn't have Girl Scouts beyond elementary school, so she that ended.
    Just stopping by from the Blogging Through the Alphabet and so glad I wasn't the only one who waited until Saturday to post. Now, to think of an idea for next week so I am not linking up so late.


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