Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Samantha!!

So, the kiddos turned 13 on the 13th of this month (in the year 2013).  Roger took the day off and we spent the day with them on their birthday.  They wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese (not sure why).  We spent a bit of time there, playing games and winning tons of tickets to get a $25 piece of candy.  We did have fun though!!

After that, we went to Two Rivers Bridge and walked over it.  Part of what is on our Seasonal Bucket List (from last fall!!).  There are three other bridges that cross the river and they want to cross all of them. We have been over the Big Dam Bridge before, but they wanted to do it again.  Two Rivers was pretty - it was kind of cold, but it was a nice walk.  

 Since that was a crazy week, because of Girl Scout Week, scheduled their birthday party's another time.  Samantha's was tonight... she chose to go to Little Rock Climbing Center.  She invited a few of her friends and they spent some time climbing & hanging... they were wore out, but so were the adults - we had to belay!!  I don't have all the photos, because I didn't take any and I am waiting on my friends and family to send me the rest!  Here are a few that have been sent to me... 

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  1. What is the story on the broken road? Makes for cool pictures!!


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