Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!!

Our Service Unit sold over 4,000 cases of cookies this year!!  That is A LOT of cookies to unload!! Our Cookie Chair has got this down to a science and, as long as the trucks cooperate, we can get the cookies unloaded, sorted, counted and distributed among the 30+ troops in the matter of just a few hours.  I usually have all of my parents there, so once ours are pulled from the masses, they are able to take theirs and start distributing them to the lucky recipients!  

Here is a view inside the warehouse, where the cookies have all been sorted and we are waiting on the large troop to pull theirs.  No real reason to share this, except for the next few weeks, life revolves around cookies at my house!!   

My troop of 6 girls sold just under 2000 boxes - initially   I know that number will go up, so stick around and see how we did!!

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