Friday, February 22, 2013

American Odyssey with AR Symphony Orchestra

AR Symphony Orchestra does two school performances a year.  They are the same in the fall and in the spring.  One of our homeschool mom friends tried to set us up a trip in November, but they were already full, so she planned it for February.  I was a little hesitant when I signed us up for it, but it was only $3 each and I figured it wouldn't last more than an hour?  I didn't know how the kiddos would like it... 

The Orchestra performed a program called American Odyssey.  The conductor was very interactive with the kiddos and explained each piece to them and let them (us) know how that piece fit into the music history of America.  We got to sing along with God Bless America!

Turns out,my kiddos LOVED it!!  Their response to it was "that was awesome!"  The mom who signed us up realized that morning that there was a teachers packet with her stuff... lucky for us, she already wants to sign us up for the fall performance - AND work through the teachers guide as a group!!  My kiddos were super excited about the thought of going back again!

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