Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jr. Staff Training & Lock-IN

For the first year, Samantha opted not to spend New Year's Eve with the family.  (Which was not a big deal!  I didn't have either of the kiddos during the day and Roger was at work! I spent the day with my niece Goosey!!)

Anyways, Samantha and her girl scout friends went to a Jr, Staff Training and Lock-In.  They spent most of the day learning how to go from *campers* to *helpers* at Girl Scout events. How to step up and help out with the younger girls.  How to see a need, fill a need at events.  How to realize that things are starting to fall apart and start a song to catch everyone's attention and get them back on track. How to be an adult helper.  The girls had a great time and learned a lot during this class.

As a special treat for the older girls - since so many of them have such busy schedules - it was worked out that they were to have a retreat - a lock-in -just to hang out and get to know each other - to become friends with other scouts.  I think this was a great bonding opportunity for them.

They were all tired when I picked them up this morning. Two of them stayed at the house and were going all day long - I told them lights out at 9.  I am sure they will crash hard!

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