Saturday, December 29, 2012

SchoolHouse Review Crew ~ Blog Cruise:Looking back at 2012

My kiddos are growing up.  They are becoming so much more mature and responsible.  They are wonderful helpers and have huge hearts - they give all they can to the community and those in need.  I started this way so you would know why I am saying 2012 was a wonderful year!  
It was a great year because everything seemed to flow so smoothly.  I think we worked a chore system that they both agree on and follow- more to follow on that!  They do get an allowance, even though the chores are part of being in the family.  The allowance's purpose is to teach them responsibility with money.  This came to light for Roger and I during what I think was the best vacation ever! and I believe it is because we gave them spending money on the way out the door and said don't ask for anything.  It worked-and they both came home with money!  Suddenly all the *crap* that they wanted wasn't as important anymore - when it was their money!
It was a great year because Roger worked his work schedule to where he ends up being off on most Fridays and even some Thursdays with us.  That is when the book work gets put aside and we get to work on projects (school or household!) or we go on field trips!  We started a seasonal family bucket list and we take these days we have with him and mark off our bucket list!  Our most recent family fun event is geocaching.  The kiddos love it and we have found quite a few.  One of my goals for 2013 is to visit all the Arkansas State Parks and find the caches there.
It was a great year because my health has been a little better and I have been feeling up to doing things.  I think it is because of this drug study I am doing. I think this new medication is helping with my Lupus.  
It has been a great year because my kiddos have been introduced to serving the community.  They have worked at Rice Depot in the past, helping sort and label and such, but this year, we have seen the faces of those in need.  We have been working with Jacksonville First United Methodist Church. Mission 5000 is a ministry that feeds the hungry people in the community.  We have been about once a month for most of the year and they have learned so much.  So much about the people of the world - how some will thank you with a tear in their eye & some will be rude and demanding, not even realizing that not only are they talking to children, that are volunteering their time (and following the rules) but people -this is FREE- take what you are offered and be happy with it. (That is something that one of my Girls pointed out to me).  It has truly been an experience for them & they both enjoy going.
And finally, it was a great year because my family were all given another chance each morning to start over.  We ended the year with the horrible tragedy of the Sandy Hook shooting.  18 mothers didn't get a chance to hug their children one last time.  18 mothers didn't get to say goodbye.  18 mothers were not blessed with that next morning to start over.  Hug your children daily... you never know when it will be your last.

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  1. Wishing you blessings in 2013! Following from the crew.


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