Saturday, January 5, 2013

For the new year... Game Night!

So, normally when it gets to be cold and winter time we usually have friends over on the weekends and hang out by the fire, playing Rock Band or Wii Sports.. just having fun!

We have a couple of new friends that we have started hanging out with and she agreed that a game night was in order.  We started out alternating houses, mostly playing dominos (kiddos were on the Wii/xBox games).  Sounds boring, but anything can be fun if you are with the right people!!  We have so much fun hanging out and playing games...

New Years Eve, we always go to my parents house and play games.  Our new set of friends joined us this year and we taught them to play a fast card game we have always played called Nutsy.  (She later went home and found it as an online game called Nertz).  Fast moving and tons of fun, we stayed up WaY ToO LATE playing cards!

I know that I am pretty busy with Girl Scouts this next two weekends - and so is she - but I am looking forward to get on track with a regularly scheduled game night!

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