Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stitches? Or not?

After the trip to the Louisiana Purchase State Park, we went on out to visit with my aunt.  She lives in the middle of a rice field, with literally nothing else around her.  We let the kiddos take their air soft guns, they know not to aim them at each other, so I wasn't to worried about them getting hurt.  They took off shortly after we got there and I roamed and looked out windows several times and never saw any of them.  After a while, they all three surfaced back to the front porch in my view.  They were there for quite a while, then all of a sudden they come in... bloody.

It doesn't look that bad in the picture, but when it first happened, it was pretty gaped open.  We made the decision to head back to the area and go to our local ER (an hour away). (there is no local hospital there, so there wasn't a whole lot of choices)

We hit major traffic, so he took another photo of it to show me how it looked in the back seat.  

When we got to the ER and signed in, we took this one.  After sitting there and not even being triaged for over an hour, we made the decision to go ahead and leave.  Once the swelling went down, it was only on his lip, not actually on his face.  It had also stopped bleeding and started to dry and scab over. If we would have gone back, they would have messed with it and it would have started bleeding again.  

This morning, it was much smaller and looks so much better... I think we made the right decision...

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  1. Mouth injuries just look so bad when they happen. We've had several busted lips that really made you wonder, but thankfully they usually look much better by the next day. I'm glad this one looks like it's healing!


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