Friday, January 25, 2013

American Girl Club

Ok, remember my last post about the library system and that Jacksonville had really reached out to the homeschool community? Here's another perfect example!!

Twelve girls sat around a table today discussing all the fun they could have with the American Girl Series books!!  They were all SO EXCITED!!!  They are starting at the very beginning with Meet Kaya and are supposed to read over that this month, then when they meet back to discuss it, they are going to do a craft and snacks that go along with the book.  

We have already read Meet Kaya, since we did the American Girl Club for a little bit last year, but Samantha was excited to read it again and be able to discuss it with her friends!!  Will try to post some photos of the Meet Kaya discussion and crafts, but I know we have some families that say No to online - and with good reasoning!  Surely I can get some of just Samantha!!

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