Monday, January 28, 2013

Back to Class Day!!

YAY!!!!  Spring session of Class Day started back today!!  While it was a little crazy, we were all so glad to be back in routine and back with our friends!!  

I am teaching a Toddler/PreK rotation and we are doing Creepy Crawlies this semester!  We painted Bug Names today and I have some other fun critter crafts planned for this year!

Samantha and Riley are both taking P.E - which they both said was AWESOME! They are also both taking Economics - carried over from last semester.  While it is interesting and they have learned a lot, they weren't as excited about it.  

Samantha is once again in Art - her favorite place to be.  Can't decide if it is because she likes art or her friends are there... anyways... she has come away with some pretty good pieces over the past few semesters... looking forward to what she comes up with this year!

Riley has opted for Spanish.  Not sure how well that went.  He was so stoked about P.E., I don't think he talked about anything else the rest of the afternoon!!

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