Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classics for Teens

All I can say is YAY for public library systems!!!  And I think Central AR Library System is the best!!  

There are several branches in this system and two of them are fairly close to us.  We tend to alternate between the two, depending on if we are in Sherwood or Jacksonville.  Sherwood usually wins out, mainly out of convenience, but we have gotten to know the workers there - and that's important to me!! To hear "Hello Darr Family" when you walk in the door, or to have them say something like, "I put this book up because it sounded like something y'all would read" or "we haven't seen you guys in a while - everything ok?"- that is important to me!!  Most of our business is done at Sherwood, but we have used Jacksonville as well... since books can be dropped off at any location, sometimes we are closer to them - just depends.  Overall, Sherwood is our favorite!

However, someone in our local homeschool group has been chatting it up with the Children's Director over at Jacksonville and they have made a huge step this year in reaching out to the homeschool community!!  Nothing makes me happier than to hear an event will take place at 1pm (cause, you know, school is still in session!!)  Today, we met at Jax Library with a few other teens and discussed reading through the classics (and some other more current favorites - whatever gets them reading!).  The kiddos were all able to look through their choices and vote on their favorites.  The librarian was going to make a list starting with the most popular and the teens are going to work through them - one a month!  I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!

So, the book with the most votes was Frankenstein.  Riley said he picked that one, but Samantha didn't want to read it... we meet back in a month to discuss what they have read and pick the next book!!

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