Saturday, December 15, 2012

What I am DOing this week

I started the book.  Sad thing, I didn't get far.  I read week one and am still working on the *assignment* from it. And, truth be told, I am not following the directions completely.

Weeks 1-4  starts us off with organizing ourselves - starting with our minds!

There are 10 goals for week 1.  First one is getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night.  Well, the Lupus/Fibro fights against that goal completely, but I am getting 5-6 hours straight - which is good for me! Another goal is jotting a to-do list each morning.  Well, if you read my last DO post, you know I am already doing that.  One goal write a journal - I consider this blog my journal, so that one is checked!

Looks like I am doing pretty good, huh?  Actually, I have checked off most all of these.  The ones that I am lacking are limiting the amount of television I watch and exercise.  I am kinda working on those...

Week 2 is where I am being a rebel AND where I am stuck... ok, maybe not stuck persay, but I have not completed these goals!  The first thing says buy ONE daily planner and use it in all areas of your life.  If you remember my post about how we do things back in August, then you will know that I already have that ONE planner that we use and love.  However, due to Roger's crazy schedule, we also use - it is internet based so all of us have access to it and it also has an app - so it is on all 4 of our phones.  I do have to spend some time syncing that with my paper calendar, but these are the only two I have and I couldn't live without either of them.  (Cozi also has a shopping list that all of us have access to - so anyone who needs something can add to it & when the kiddos go with me shopping, they can help me shop!).  I have been working on syncing those two, as well as switching over to my 2013 calendar - so I am not completely done with that one.  It also suggests planning things out with such as menus and errands and such - which that is already part of my paper calendar - so that one is a check! Also suggests collecting all lose papers and sticky notes and merge them all to the calendar.  (My sticky's are in my calendar!) So, once I get my calendars synced and caught up with my 2013 - I think I am done with week 2.

Week 3 is cleaning schedule... we have a pretty good one set up for the kiddos, but it needs to be tweaked, so I m not even reading or dealing with that one until after the first of the year - and maybe by then, I will be working on more exercise/less tv a little more also!

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