Saturday, November 10, 2012

State-Line Straddle

Since my Girl Scouts have grow up a little, they are now old enough to help out!  Thing is, in order to help out, you have to be trained.  They have to be Program Aid trained.  There is a lot involved in the current requirements including working with a Brownie Troop for 4 sessions (supposed to be before their training, but due to timing of things, they were allowed to waive the beforehand part of it - it is planned for after the first of the year though!). They have to attend a Council sponsored Program Aid Training, as part of that, they need to implement a Service Project, lasting at least 4 hours, within 30 days of completing the training.  Once they get through these steps, then they need to work with another Brownie troop for 6 sessions!

Sounds exhausting, right? That is in addition to their regular meetings, preparing for Service Unit events, and working on their Silver Award!!  Oh, and they are 7th & 8th grade - so they have a life!!  I do my best to help them with all I can - with what they don't need to do themselves & when they come to me for help - and I do what I can to make their time together fun!

For the PA Training - it was to take place in Texarkana - three & a half hours from here - at 9:00am!  So, they spent the night here and we got up and going EARLY - with out any problems!  Want to know my secret?  I told them if we got to Texarkana early enough, we would go to the State Line.  They were SO EXCITED!!!  I didn't know how big of a motivator that was!!

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