Thursday, November 1, 2012

4H November Meeting - Pinnacle Mountain

4H Meeting for November was a switch up - that we loved!  We met at Pinnacle Mountain early and *they* hiked the mountain *I waited at the bottom.  It really didn't take the group as long as I thought it would.  My kiddos LOVED being able to go to the top!  They have been asking to go climb the mountain for a while and I just can't do it.

Roger was able to take off and go with us, so he was able to go to the top with them!

Beautiful view - sad I missed it!!
After the hike, we had lunch and then a visit from the park interpreter about Arkansas reptiles.  Finally a quick meeting to cover what all was going on with the group.  Once the business part of the meeting was over, Riley and a couple other boys took off on a different trail that had a creek.  They spent some time searching the creek for crawdads - even caught a couple!

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