Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Gratitude Challenge - November 1

As I sit here at the base of Pinnacle Mountain, waiting for my crew that has reached the top and are on their way back down, I decided I would do this challenge... But a little different than one would think... Instead of posting daily about the obvious stuff - like my family, a roof, a job - I going to find one thing each day - specific to that day- that I am truly grateful for - that probably would have went unnoticed in the busyness of life.

Today, I am thankful for the schedule that Roger works each week. His part time job allows for variations in his schedule, which allows for him to take off on days that we have something cool to do.

Today our 4H club met at the mountain to hike up and hold our meeting. Roger and the kiddos went up with them - not something I am up for. Riley has wanted to come climb for a while so he was excited that we were able to be here for it.

Roger took several photos of them at the top, but I'm only sharing this one... because that's all he's sent me so far!

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