Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scout First Class

After being consumed with baseball all spring, Riley wasn't able to make rank at his Board of Reviews in April.  He was not in scout mode and had missed a few meetings and well, just honestly focused on baseball - between league team and then AllStars, that's all any of us were focused on around here during that time!!

Fast-forward to new scout year - he had decided he was done with scouts - no reason, just didn't want to do it any more... My response was, well, that's nice -you have board in 3 hours, go get your book!  (Because I'm a mean momma like that) After some studying with me and some discussion, I narrowed it down to he didn't want to do scouts any more because he didn't want to go before Board again, for fear of not making rank again.  I decided that wasn't enough reason to quit, so off he went to scouts - prepared!  He was a little nervous, but went before the boards and passed without any issues!!  Suddenly, he doesn't want to quit scouts anymore - this week!

After getting rank, he was pretty excited about Court of Honor and progressing forward in ranks!  He really does want to make Eagle, and I think now he realizes it is something that he is going to have to work hard for!

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