Saturday, October 27, 2012

Car Care with the Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts have an older badge that was Car Care.  I know that several times, different Leaders would try to set up trips to a car dealership or somewhere similar so the girls could complete part of this badge.  It never happened... and it didn't bother me that much, since my girls were younger. Well, they are older now - not quite ready to drive age, but old enough to start talking about the care of a car!

Girl Scouts has changed up their badge program so much, I don't even know if the Car Care badge exists anymore.  However, the need for car care still does!  I managed to be able to find someone who would work with me and put on a small presentation for the girls.  We did not do this for any kind of credit toward a badge, but strictly as a fun patch!

We had a really great turn out - considering there are not too many older girls in our area - and they are all extremely busy on Saturday mornings!

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