Saturday, October 27, 2012

16th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

October 26th is our anniversary.  On our very first one, we invited friends over for a pumpkin carving party. Sixteen years later, it is something we all always look forward to.  It has changed over the years, friends come and friends go, but the carving party still remains!

Over the past several years, it has been at my sister's house - with a nice large dining room with non-carpeted flooring.  Well, she moved! And that left us - my house - in my carpeted dining room.  We were hoping it would be warm enough to be out in the carport, but it wasn't.... so in comes the tarp, the pumpkins and the children with carving tools!  Amazingly, there wasn't much of a mess!

And Hersey couldn't be left out... if I was on the floor in the middle of it all, so was she!!

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