Thursday, October 4, 2012

4H starts back up

Well, I thought we were going to skip out on 4H this year, but both kiddos decided they wanted to take part,  I told them we would- only if they ran for an office.  It is a it of a waste if they are not going to get involved.  Both decided they would like to run for photographer- against each other!  We worked on preparing their short speeches and then the day before, Samantha decided she didn't want to run after all.  So, Riley went un-opposed, along with the rest of the ballot, and he is now the 4H photographer.

When it came time for small groups, I made them both sign up for the photography group.  Samantha wanted to do Veterinary Science and Riley wanted to do Outdoor Adventures.  Since they have to go, they both agreed to all three small groups.

Since we have a new adult leader, she has changed the way we meet and I think it is something we will enjoy!  Pinnacle Mountain for one of our meetings!!

I have some photos, but they won't transfer over from my phone... UGH!!!

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