Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quick weekend camping trip

Since it was the one weekend that we had nothing planned, and Roger was able to arrange his schedule for a day off, we loaded up with a few friends and went camping.

We headed to our normal camping area, with plans to island camp.  I was looking forward to a weekend of no electronics!  Being like almost any other time we go down there, the boat wouldn't start.  They fussed with it for a few minutes, but I wanted to camp, not sit and watch the boat charge!  We made the decision to just stay on mainland and find a campsite to tent camp.

Staying on the mainland was the best idea we could have come up with... seeing as how it was 53* when we loaded up to head out Sunday morning!  It would have been TOO COLD! coming across the lake from being on the island.

Despite the rain and the cold, we ended up having an awesome time.  I know that my kiddos enjoyed it, and I think the friends that went with us had a good time.  Now, my camping itch has been scratched until it warms back up!!

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