Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up!

Saturday - RAIN -our first day back at home - Roger had to go to work. Girl Scouts came over for our Fall Fest prep.  They were very focused and we managed to get a lot accomplished!  After the scouts left, my sister came over and we watched most of the pitiful Arkansas game.  She is moving and her huge family room was full of our (mine, her's and my mil's) scrapbook stuff.  We were all three available to meet there and sort and divide and pack up that room, so that's where I spent the rest of the night!  

Sunday -RAIN - Roger went to the deer woods, kiddos and I went to church.  Once everyone got home, we went to the in-laws for pizza dinner.  

Monday- RAIN -talk about back to routine!  Class Day started back up last week, while we were gone, and we had to get up, in the pouring rain, on a Monday, after vacation and join them this week!  I am teaching two classes, K/2nd Science using Magic School Bus as a guide & PreK using Dr. Suess as a guide.   Both classes were great - had a lot of fun.  Samantha and Riley both said they enjoyed their classes, but I think it's because they are back in touch with friends - old and new!  The kiddos also had music lessons and we had a few errands to run and then home for the rainy evening!

Tuesday - RAIN - our first *official* school day.  Kiddos did an awesome job with their school work.  No fussing or bickering and we finished up with all of Tuesday's work and got started on Wednesday's work.  Got most of it finished as well!  Riley had Boy Scouts - suppose to have been Board of Review, but that didn't happen.  After we got home from scouts, my mom picked the kiddos up and kept them for the night.

Wednesday - Roger meet me at the car shop when he got off work this morning and we dropped the van off for some work.  We left there and went to get groceries - we were COMPLETELY out of everything!  He and I hung around the house for the day. I worked on lesson plans for next week and he sorted through all of his hunting stuff and got it ready to load up.  He had his last softball game and I went to church - once we all got home -SURVIVOR season premiere!

Thursday - Kiddos finished all of their Wednesday work and their Thursday work with out any issues.  They spent quite a bit of time out riding bikes, until time to help me with dinner.  Samantha and I went to Girl Scouts and they girls finished up all but one item for their Fall Fest booth.  

Friday - School went off with out any issues again today.  We are working on some really fun review items that the kiddos are both enjoying!  After some more bike riding, the kiddos went to Gramma & Granpa's house to help with the front pasture. I am assuming that at least Samantha will be home soon, as she is having a friend spend the night and we have plans for the weekend!

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  1. Hi from the Crew!
    It sounds like a great week! I love reading the weekly wrap ups and seeing glimpses of homeschool life from around the country. Hope you have another great week!


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