Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gran Maze

Another 'tourist trap' in Panama City Beach was the Gran Maze... How fun was that??  Like a cornmaze, but year round and minus the allergies!!

I didn't really get any photos, because it is actually a race!  We all entered at the same place, same time with a punch card.  There was a clock-in at the beginning and then 4 places to visit through-out the maze and a clock-out at the end.  We all went separate directions and ran into each other periodically.  Roger made it our first, then me.  He went back in to help the kiddos and they finished within a minute of each other!  

When we went back the next day, Roger had made the leader board!

The Gran Maze also had a double putt-putt course & when you purchase a ticket, it's for two days!  We had a good time both days playing putt-putt.  The kiddos did not want to go through the maze the second day... it was really hot and there was not really any shade!

After the game of putt-putt, we walked out onto the County Pier...

And then over to Peir Park Mall to the Mirror Maze & Laser Craze

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