Friday, August 24, 2012

SchoolHouse Review - Golden Prairie Press


Golden Prairie Press sent us their ebook Ten Girls From History.  It came in several forms, so I chose it in the epub form to download it to their Nook Tablets.  It is not really written in chapter form, just almost as ten different short stories.  I have also been reading the different stories...I'm not finished with them all, and last I checked, neither were either of the kiddos.  They both have a favorite though - Elizabeth Van Lew: The Girl Who Risked it All for the Union.  While I really liked that one, I think my favorite one is Ida Lewis: Heroine of Lime Rock Lighthouse.  We will continue to read through these, as they will be perfect as an extra reading over the next few weeks, because we are going to be light on history and heavy on Election!


Ten Girls from History is available from Golden Prairie Press for $15.00.  There are tons of other great looking resources on their website!!  Go check out what all they have available!!


*Disclaimer: My family was given this product free of charge to use and form our own opinion of and share with our readers.  The thoughts and opinions expressed about this item are strictly opinions of myself or my children.*

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