Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alcatraz, the Lost Pearl

Need a beach book?  This is the one!  I got this book in the mail on a Wednesday and read the first couple of chapters and then we headed to the lake on Thursday.. I sat on the shore in the shade and read the book... all of it!  I couldn't put it down.  My heart hurt for *Alcatraz* and I had to see where her life was leading her.  She went through so much as a young girl and she realized at the end that she needed the Lord in her life... I was almost in tears with her!  Aleshia really made me feel like I was part of the book and there with her, going through some of these things!! 

Do you see the cover here? See that it says "Book 1"?  To me, that means there will be more... I can hardly wait!  I love it when I find an author that I can follow!  Check out her website (below) and of course, check out this book!!

Aleshia Robinson here. God has led me to write a book series called Love, God and Tattoos, about a troubled, teen aged, tattoo artist named Alcatraz. The synopsis of the story is "Fifteen year old Alcatraz is being chased. Born and raised in a loving family, she suddenly finds herself fending for her life on the streets of Los Angeles. Consumed with anger, hurt and confusion, Alcatraz turns to the spiritual realm to find life's answers. While experimenting with pagan spells, Buddhist chants, and yoga sutras, she continually encounters a spirit who claims He is God. The Truth she learns from this spiritual quest introduces her to the unexpected world of divine healing, acceptance and unconditional love."

*Disclaimer: My family was given this product free of charge to use and form our own opinion of and share with our readers.  The thoughts and opinions expressed about this item are strictly opinions of myself or my children.*

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