Thursday, August 2, 2012

I don't even want to go here..

We have an extra room in our house that was originally used as a school room. Today, it is full of piles of stuff and jeep parts.  I don't see getting it cleaned and straightened up before school starts... It is one of those *how do you eat an elephant projects* that I just don't have the energy to tackle.  Maybe I should make that my goal this school year.. it would be nice to have the table, because they could/would leave their laptops up and open and possibly spend more time using the educational sites we have access to...
It's nice to have that room, I can't imagine what the house would look like if all of that junk was all over the house!!  OK, that will be my goal... let me think about posting a photo - it's pretty bad...


  1. Our school room was a disaster at one point and I totally can relate to you. We did manage to clear it out and fabulize (new word of the day lol) it though. You can see the before pictures on my blog post today. Beware, though, it's not pretty. lol

  2. lol, gotta love your honest transparency! :-) I truly hope you can tackle that project. :-)

  3. Oh my - believe me, I cleaned up a *little* bit before posting pictures :) Baskets and drawers- that's my tip for fast clean up!!

  4. Stephanie ~ looks like you took pics of my room... we need to *fabulize* ours (love the word)!

    Aurie ~ I have no shelf space for baskets and my drawers are about overfull as well...

    IChristAloneMom~ I can- I have done it before...many times.. it just keeps getting back to this way!

  5. I can relate too! One step at a time!!


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