Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tye~Dye ~~~ with a twist!

I may have mentioned before, but the kiddos were able to attend the *teen* stuff at the local libraries this year.  There were several things they attended and enjoyed.  I think Samantha's favorite of all was tye-dye with a twist.

They were instructed to bring a solid color shirt, the darker the better.  Riley found a dark green shirt and Sam found a maroon one.  They were given bleach pens, with strict instructions to BE CAREFUL! and told to draw whatever they wanted onto their shirts.  Riley drew a baseball field (with a cheap bleach pen) and Samantha drew a smiley face.  Once she was done, Riley used her (expensive) pen to add a baseball to the field.  We learned the hard way that the cheap pens do not work. Ry now has a tShirt that has a bleach spot about the size of a dime about where a left pocket would be- now he has a new pj shirt!  Samantha's, however, turned out super neat!

She drew a smiley face, that ended up looking almost like a pumpkin.  Since it has taken me so long to get these photos uploaded and posted, she has worn the shirt and received many comments - even though the art work is umm, interesting, the technique is really neat!

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