Saturday, July 28, 2012

A day on the lake

Great day on the lake!!  Took off with some friends and spent the day on the lake, mostly on the boat, but a good bit of time on the island also.  Got there early and played on the island, kiddos roamed the island, played in the water and ate!  Grilled hot dogs, watermelon and cookies!  After we settled from lunch, the kiddos (all 4) jumped on the tubes for a while and a few of us stayed on the island and watched from afar!

We thought we were going to load up and head back, but decided to do a little more tubing, and Roger even skied for a while! It was almost 7pm before we left the lake.  Stopping for dinner on the way home didn't put us at home until almost 10pm!!  Long day, but a great time!!

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