Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hershey enjoys the lake

Roger was able to take off during the week and so we sent all the extra kiddos packing and the 4 of us + one excited pup headed to the lake... I think Hershey enjoys the lake, I just think the really long ride is what worries her.  She starts whining about the time we are about 20 minutes out (well, headed down anyways- headed home, she is passed out!).

We loaded up the boat and headed out to an island- there was no one out on the lake, so it was nice and peaceful.  While playing in the lake, Hersh was a little hesitant at first to come out with us, she paced back and forth on the shore for a while... then all of a sudden, she turned loose and headed out where we were.... I heard her making a silly noise and turned and she was headed to me... but she got almost there and headed back... she did this several times, but I think she had a great time out there.

While the kiddos were exploring, they found a huge piece of styrofoam... like big enough for both kiddos and the dog... she climbed on that floating island and was in high heaven - she was out in the lake with us, but not worried about not being able to touch!

And her most favorite place to ride - inside the cuddy cabin - especially on the way back when she is tired!

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