Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Days of... Day 4

Saving the biggest and best for last... at least according to my family!  Check out your local Volunteer Fire Department.  We have been involved with the Fire Department since before Roger and I met... in fact, that's where we met.  When we were younger, we were both very active in the firefighting part of it, just as firefighters.  I learned a lot while I was there, and it was the starting point for Roger's career as a firefighter.

Fast forward a few years, I have two babies... and Lupus... not much time or energy for the firefighting part of things right now, so I just quietly supported Roger as he continued to remain an active part, as a Captain.

As the kiddos got older, they really enjoyed being down at the station (I mean, what kid doesn't like firetrucks?).  I was able to be down there a little at a time to help with paperwork and secretarial stuff in the office.  It was about this time that the Ladies Auxiliary was formed.  Myself, along with three other ladies, started the auxiliary so we could take on the community events and fundraising with a little more organization. The ladies also help out when they are out on a fire.  We take them drinking water, meals when they are out during a meal time.  I have sat at a corner in my car and blocked the road because we were short on manpower and no officers are available.  I have ran back and forth to the station for whatever may be needed... Any way we can support the firefighters, we do.

Currently, Roger is still a Captain and I am on the board of the auxiliary.  The kiddos love helping out.  They have carried drinking water to the guys, helped served meals on scene.  Between the four of us, we probably put in an average of 30hours a month serving the community through the fire department.

I have said all of this to encourage you to check into a volunteer fire department, if you have the option in your area.  When people say fire department, the first thing anyone pictures is running into a burning building... there's more to it than that.  Vehicle maintenance, paperwork, supplies, mowing the yard, taking them drinking water, helping with community events, helping with fundraising... the list in endless... I encourage you to stop in next time you see someone at your local station and just see what you can do!

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  1. Would you believe it has never occurred to me before that we could volunteer at the Fire Department and NOT be a firefighter? Hmmm.. recalibrating my thinking here!

  2. Kym ~ that was part of my purpose for this post!I hope other volunteer FD's get a few new members because people realize they don't have to don the gear and run into a burning building...


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