Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Days of .. Day 3

My post today is one of the two things that hold the biggest place in my heart - Girl Scouts.  I know there was a lot of (forgive my language) crap going around about Girl Scouts when cookie sales started, but I think people just look for a reason to cause a stir.  Don't like GS, then don't buy the cookies and don't put your girl in it, but let me tell you, if you don't, you are missing out in a huge way!  And, we, as leaders, do not promote their *agenda* to the girls.  We are there to teach them skills, allow them to do things they may not do otther-wise, and to be there for them.  I have been fortunate enough to have had an AWESOME troop - and moms - since the beginning of 6071! 

I give MANY hours of volunteer time to the Girl Scouts- my troop, my Service Unit and my Council.  Maybe it's because we have such good support and a friendship at each level that makes it worth my time.  The girls I have in my troop have gotten to do so many neat things, I have blogged about most of them, so you can search Girl Scouts on here and find some of the things the troop has done.  

Being a Girl Scout Leader is so much more that planning a craft for a meeting once or twice a month. There is so much behind the scenes work that keeps me busy, but it's for the girls!  I don't say that to scare you away, but there is a lot of work in being a troop leader.  Having a great co-leader helps! 

That was a little about how I serve the community, but Girl Scouts is also a two-fold type deal.  My girls give their time to the community also.  They mat seem like something small at the time, but I know they make a huge difference in people lives.  I don't know the best way to share what all they have done, so I will just list it. They do these things as a troop and on their own. They help out at the animal shelter regularly, even made their Bronze Project part of the Annual Pet Fair.  Help out with the Special Olympics Baseball Team. Help feed the hungry with Mission5000.  Make Holiday place-mats for children that are in ACH.  Make sleep mats for the homeless.  Sent packages overseas. Made Holiday cards for children that are in ACH.  Baked cookies for a nursing home. Played BINGO with the ladies at a nursing home.  

These are just a few of the things I can think of off the top of my head.  I know I have two small groups working on their Silver, but I can't share what that is just yet.  Their main focus this year is service projects and giving back to the community.  I am hoping their thought process carries on into this next year, and into the rest of their lives.


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