Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Days of.... Day 2

Today, I wanted to share two different ways that we offer service to the community.

One of them has been a way of our life since the kiddos were in first grade - Boy Scouts.  We have never been den leaders or scoutmasters of anything of that sorts, but during Cub Scouts, both Roger and I served as committee chairs and helped with all of the behind the scenes stuff.  We were both very involved as Cub parents, and still continue to serve through scouts as Riley continues to be a Boy Scout.  I am serving as co-secretary (another lady and myself share this position - works for both of us!) on the Boy Scout Committee and am behind the scenes a lot with the boys.  This is almost a double position, because as I help out with the Boy Scouts, we are encouraging them to serve the community also.  Their current project is one of our roads out here, keeping it cleaned. They participate in two food drives each year and have jut completed a couple of Eagle Projects, with a couple of more on the horizon.

Roger has not been as involved in Boy Scouts because he has taken on a new position in the community as an Assistant Coach to Riley's 12 year old Little League team, which has evolved into a 12 year old All Star team!  Coaching the League Team has taken up quite a bit of his time, and I'm afraid that we aren't going to have a whole lot of time to offer around here for the next few weeks due to being an ALL STAR team player and coach!  Anyways, this has been an awesome way to give back to the community and I think Roger really enjoys doing this.  He has formed a bond with these boys and I know they enjoy him also!


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