Friday, April 6, 2012

TOS Crew Review: WORLD Writing Program


Writing... something that is not very popular around here... I'm not that good at it and the kiddos really don't care for it... so, it is usually a fight.  I have started them a blog, and that is helping a little, but we still need work.


This may has so far... I think because of the approach to getting started.  They start out checking out pictures and writing about what the pictures are saying to them. I know that part of it definitely worked with Samantha... she won't stop pointing out brand names!  I don't feel like there is a lot of teacher involvement with this, well, there doesn't have to be.  I sit with them and read the capsule and they talk me through their thoughts and while they are writing.  However, I feel that it is written where I could just assign it to them and they could go do it on their own. The capsules are short, simple lessons that are not frustrating to my kiddos.

The kiddos are coming along and I can see improvement in their writing and their writing skills. They have been doing a capsule each day in their writing journals.  (don't for get to have a really cool notebook for their writing journal!).  We are going to continue along with this program through the school year and see how well they improve.


Write With World teaching guide is available at for $49.00.  The student book is available for $19.00.  You can also check out other Crew Members had to say by clicking on the Crew Banner above.

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