Sunday, April 8, 2012

Is it over yet?

I could be talking about the day, the week or even the school year!!

This week's blog cruise is how do we fight homeschool burnout?  I know that when the seasons starts turning to spring and the sun is shining through the windows and it is nice enough to open the doors, we start itching to get out.  Spring is a hard time for us because we want outside to play.

In order to prevent burnout, we have to do just that.  We have to give into that spring weather that is mocking us at the table and get. out. side.  Now, the smartest thing to do is to grab the books and head to the park or even just to the picnic table in the backyard!  Take those books and get out in the fresh air and continue right along!!  

Another way is to just chunk the planned school work and head out on an outing of some kind.  There are so many things that you can do ~ zoo, museums, historic sites ~ something has to be close to you that you can get out!  

If there is really no where to go (or a reason you can't) then chunk what was planned and do something totally different and fun!  Board games, movies, educational shows, search the web and come up with a unit study, make a power point show, spend the day in the kitchen!

Basically, if you are feeling like you are ready for it to be over.... then let it be over~ start something new!

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  1. We have been enjoying doing some of our subjects outside as well, and we are lucky to have a great park near the water just down the street. Somehow just being outside always seems to cheer us up :)


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