Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spelling Word Ideas

As I was cleaning the stacked and piled school room, I came across this list.  It is typed by me and printed out, so I do not know where I got it. It may not belong to anyone, and just be a collection of ideas I have found over time. If it is your's, or you know where it came from, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

Fancy Letters ~ Use old magazines, catalogs, or newspaper to cut out letters and glue them down to spell your words.

Spelling Baseball - draw four bases on a piece of paper or set up four chairs to be the bases.  Pitcher selects a word. If the batter can spell it correctly, he moves forward one base. If the batter can not spell the word correctly, he remains where he is.  Child receives a point every time he crosses home base. ( Going to try this one, I think the kiddos will like it ~ especially using chairs and them being able to move around).

Snowman or scarecrow or hangman ~ On a wipe off board, draw a snowman with hat and three buttons.  Play like hangman, but erase the parts of the snowman. Object is to guess the word before the snowman melts.

ABC Order & reverse

Connect the Dots - Played like Dots, but must spell a word correctly before you can draw a line.

Colorful words ~ use two different colors to write spelling words, one for constants and one for vowels. Makes it easier for someone who is a visual learner to picture in their head.

Scrabble - use scrabble tiles to spell words

Pyramid ~ use graph paper, write one letter at a time, making the word into a pyramid.

30 second words ~ fold paper in quarters ~ Write the spelling word in one corner and give the child 30 seconds to write the word as many times as they can

Picture words ~ Draw a picture and write the words in the picture

Scrambled words ~ write the words scrambled up and have the child figure them out.

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  1. I like the Scrabble tiles idea. Seems cheaper to do that than to go buy Bananagrams- which I have been considering.


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