Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cookies & Milk with the Mayor

It's time to cookie season!!  One of the ways that our area kicks off this time of year is by hosting Cookies & Milk with the Mayor.  This was our 3rd year having this program.  First was with Sherwood Mayor Virginia Hillman, the with NLR Mayor Hayes.  This year we were back in Sherwood with Mayor Hillman. Samantha was excited about it, because she had helped Mayor Hillman out with the gingerbread house.

Cathy, the PR person for the North Hills Service Unit, pulled off a wonderful Cookie Event!  She encouraged all the girls/troops to participate in a cookie contest - they could either make a copy-cat Girl Scout Cookie or could prepare a dessert that used Girl Scout Cookies in it.  She arranged for local media persons to be the judges for this contest (because they always have cameras with them!).  Cathy also set up a cookie eating contest between a few of the local Firefighters and Police.  In honor of Girl Scouts 100 Birthday, they raced eating 100 cookies each!  I just have to say ~ GIRL POWER! It was a FEMALE volunteer Firefighter that won the contest!

Here is a shot of Samantha and a few of her troop with TV News-Anchor Pamela Smith:

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