Monday, January 2, 2012

Goal Planning Monday ~ 2012 Week 1

Found this Meme again and want to join back up with it.  Please check out Mamamanscript's blog to follow along!

I think I am going to continue as I was, breaking things down into each room, allowing me to work through the entire house!

LAUNDRY AREA: Top wire shelf cleaned off, decluttered, purged and organized.

FAMILY ROOM: Game shelf cleaned off, decluttered, purged and organized

KITCHEN: Clean out spice shelves above microwave

DINING ROOM: Turtle cage cleaned out

SCHOOL ROOM/OFFICE: Start on school table

MAIN BATHROOM: Under sink cleaned out and find a drawer that fits

MY BATHROOM: Top shelf in top cabinet

MY BEDROOM: Sock drawer(s) ~ I need to weed out some socks~

KIDDOS ROOMS: Go through their pants and get rid of ones that do not fit

ERRANDS: Books back to library

PERSONAL: Work on typing recipes to put in my new binder - goal this week 5 typed, printed and in the binder!

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