Saturday, November 26, 2011

We interrupt this marriage ~

to bring you

 Actually, it is a family affair around here!  We always go down for Youth Hunt the weekend before Opening Day. The kiddos love to be in the woods...I'm sure it will only intensify when they bring something home.

We arrived Thursday evening (so we could go to Civil War Days) and this <-- was arrival looked like!

The kiddos were so full of energy and eager for the weekend... thought they would NEVER calm down!

Samantha headed out with Gramma, Ry went with Rog and I got to stay at the camper ALL BY MYSELF and read!  It was nice...until I heard the shot and Gramma whisper across the walkie-talkies that Samantha had shot.  They waited a bit to go look for it and best they could figure, she must have missed it.

 Once they all returned, Gramma let me know that Samantha was so scared after she pulled the trigger that she started crying... Poor baby... she told me it scared her! (She went out with Grandpa another time during the weekend and had a great shot but refused - maybe it's not for her? But doesn't she look so cute in camo/hunter orange?)

What a better way to wrap up youth hunt than with popcorn over the fire pit?  It was so good!

Roger and I took the kiddos and went back down for Opening Day, and stayed for the week.  Roger got to hunt alone during the weekend, but he had to take the kiddos out during the week.
He took Samantha out first, and once again, she had opportunity, but didn't shot.
 Riley talked me into going out with him while Rog and Sam were out...

We had fun, but didn't see anything...
Rog and Riley went out again on another afternoon, but didn't see anything.  Sam and I stayed back, because if she wasn't going to pull the trigger, then I wasn't going to sit out there with her...

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