Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Family Traditions ~ one of ours...

Family traditions... I loved having the ones my family had growing up ~ and I am loving the ones we are making for our family.  I didn't really think about it until this year, that we had started our own.  The first tradition of each year that we have ~ Christmas Tree Farm!  I say it's the first, because we go Thanksgiving weekend!

When we first got married, we had a fake tree... several of them to be exact... after the kiddos were born, we couldn't find a good tree.. they kept falling apart and were just not worth anything.  When they were three, we decided to see about cutting our own. Fun times and even though it was a bit messy, it was completely worth it! No hassle, no clean up, nothing - take the ornaments off and drag it to the burn pile!  We didn't give it much more thought until the following year when the kiddos actually asked about going and cutting a tree down... been every year since!

This year, the kiddos were able to get the tree down completely alone - Rog didn't have to help cut on it at all!

Load up on the tractor and head out to the middle of the farm...

Pick out the perfect tree...
 Yep, that's the one!
Take turns working on getting it to come down...

 Time to load up and take it home to make our own!

Both kiddos have their own Christmas box that we started for them when they were younger.  Each year, they are able to add their own ornaments and Christmas decorations to it and whenever they leave home, they will have a start up kit for their trees!  We never put anything else on the tree, just the kiddos ornaments... and they get to decorate it!  This year, they even put the lights on it and all! Rog and I just sat back and watched!

Attack of the lights... this is what happens when kiddos get to decorate the tree...

Final product!

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  1. We have yet to do the real Christmas tree with my daughter. We don't have any places to do around here to cut down a tree, but I have fond memories of doing that growing up. We hope that we'll be able to do that at least once before our daughter is all grown up.

    We too do the ornaments as part of our tradition. It's fun and something that everyone looks forward to each year.

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions. The tree turned out lovely. :)


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