Friday, November 4, 2011

Old Washington State Park ~ Civil War Days

I am somehow on our State Parks email list and most of the good stuff is usually a couple hours away, so I usually just delete it.  One email, however, caught my attention and I investigated it further and it turned out to be a doable trip, so we went!

We were planning to go down to deer camp either Thursday night or Friday morning to get ready for youth hunt.  I read about Old Washington State Park - Civil War School Days that was happening that Friday.  Old Washington is in Hope, which is just about an hour from deer camp!! We loaded up and headed down Thursday night.

Up early Friday morning, we loaded up and set out to see what this was about.  Turns out, they were having Civil War re-enactment days over the weekend, so while everyone was setting up, they allowed school groups in for a tour. Everyone was really friendly and the kiddos got to do tons of things!


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