Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Nina, The Pinta &

The Santa Maria (that was too big for the Arkansas River).

Little Rock was one of the places that was chosen this year for the Nina and Pinta tour.  They are only in town for 5 days, so we joined the homeschool group and took off to LR and went on the tour!

This was an absolutely awesome tour! There are several crew members that travel with the boat and have such cool trivia about the original voyage, as well as their travels on board these ships.  We were down there about an hour, but it is set up to spend as long as you want there, once you get in!

It was all hands on, as long as you don't untie any ropes! The crew mates were great to answer any questions that the kiddos may have had as well!

You can visit and learn more about this tour and if it may be coming somewhere close to you!!

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