Monday, July 4, 2011

Goal Plan Monday - week 2 for me!

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Well, not to bad last week, considering what all was going on!

1.) Computer desk cleaned- completely - drawers cleaned out and organized -- DONE -- well, except one drawer!

2.) NRA Shooting Sports Event set up -- DONE -- set up anyways
3.) Finish patches on Sam's GS vest  -- DONE

4.) Turtle tank cleaned out -- yeah, not so much...

5.) Fridge/Freezer & big  freezer, all three cleaned out & maybe an inventory list-- didn't get to this one either...

This week, we are going to be short one day already, mainly because hubby will be home on Monday as well, so I am guessing that I will probably not get much accomplished on Monday!  This week, instead of just listing five main items, I am going to list one item per room that I would like to accomplish this week.  

LAUNDRY ROOM- deep freeze cleaned out, defrosted and inventoried
FAMILY ROOM - Fireplace vacuumed out, call chimney sweep and get a price to get it checked and cleaned
KITCHEN - Salsa, strawberry & grape freezer jam
DINING ROOM - turtle cage cleaned out
SCHOOL ROOM - print off pages from Planner and get my binder organized
BATHROOM - clean out JUST top shelf in the top part of the cabinet
BEDROOM - get clothes put away

Wow, sound ambitious don't I?  

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