Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bible in 90 Days


I have seen this challenge before, but never BEFORE it actually  started.  I caught it this time and I am up for the challenge. 
As I thought more about doing this, my first thought was I would use a different version of the bible than I normally read - an easier version.  Makes sense, right.  If I am going to be reading that much, it may be easier to keep up with if it were an easy to read version.
After church this morning, I decided that I would stick with my NKJV that I use on a daily basis.  My final decision came to me as I was sitting in church, looking up Scripture that Brother Paul was referring to.  As I was looking at these verses, I am seeing all my highlighting and my notes.  I wrote those notes for a reason - to be there for me when I was reading the Bible.  When else would be a better time to use those notes while I was reading!!
So, there is still time to join up for this challenge. So, click on this link and follow to Moms Toolbox and join along with me!