Monday, July 4, 2011

5:51 am

on the day off…

Yes folks, that is what time the Fire Department pager went off (FOR THE FIRST TIME) this morning. For a medical call.  Roger had been restless most of the night and took a Benadryl sometime during the night to clear up his sinus issues.  He turned the pager off and tried to go back to sleep. (Don’t freak out- someone did answer the page and there were people on the call - remember almost everyone is off today!).

That wasn’t enough… 6:12 they get called out for a structure fire. Yeah, he gets up for that one and heads out the door.  It turns out it is a small fire and he is not gone long.

Upon his return home, we were discussing the fact that we figured they would be busy today - I mean it is the pyromaniac's holiday and we live in the county where it is still legal to shoot fireworks. Just didn’t think it would start so early.  He takes a shower, and falls back to sleep on the couch.  As I finish up the first paragraph on this post- there it goes again!  8:30 am and already three fire calls… it’s going to be a LONG day.  This one is also a medical and since he is up, Roger heads out to this one.

I wasn’t really feeling the topic ideas sent by UBC today, so conveniently, something I am passionate about presents itself to me! The fire department!

Roger and I met at the volunteer department.  We were both active as older teens, I took some time away for a few years, then as a young childless married couple, with him being a paid FF also, our world completely revolved around the department.  Once the kiddos were born, we both took some time away from there- Roger worked himself back into it pretty quickly, but being sick and having two little ones, there wasn’t much I could do. 

The opportunity for a Ladies Auxiliary presented itself to a few of us, so we took the idea and ran with it.  The RAVFDLA was born in 2005.  It has had it’s peeks and valley times over the years and is currently in a valley time.   My goal for this fall is to help bring it back to a peak and be there and be supportive for those FF who need us.  Please pray that we can get back on our feet and work towards bettering our group and the department.

*This can be a heated issue in our area so I figure it best to keep my true deep feelings a little suppressed when it comes to publicly discussing the department.

I will be sure to check back tomorrow and let you all know what our total fire calls of the day ended up being!