Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long holiday weekend

Our holiday weekend was a great one!  I didn’t do much at all, which was NICE! 

Friday ~ Kiddos and I went to swim practice & groceries.  Roger got off work early and we loaded up to head to Jackson, TN to pick up Zac.  Zac is Roger’s cousin, is 15 and wants to hang out with us for a couple of weeks.  We got home around 10pm and we all went straight to bed…

Saturday ~ Kiddos and I took Gramma and Zac to the NLR Farmers Market.  It was small, and we should have went a bit earlier, but I got most everything I need to make salsa.  We have a friend that has a truck there, and she got to telling us about the difference between the NLR and the LR Farmer’s  Market.  The NLR is certified local grown.  LR allows anyone to back up the truck and sell what ever from where ever.  I don’t get to the FM much, and the LR is really crowded, so I don’t go…  However, after finding out this bit of info, I will probably be shopping the NLR market!
Zac stayed with Gramma and the kiddos and I went to a family get together at The Hook.  Had a nice time hanging out with my sister - and chatting with a couple of cousins.
Chelle and I came to the house and I helped her get a blog started.  Kiddos went with Gramma to a bday party.  I tried hard to stay awake until they all got home. I didn't last long after the got here.

Sunday ~ Rog and all three kiddos ate a quick breakfast and headed to the lake (where they didn't take ANY pictures) for the day.  I stayed home, did a few chores and headed to church. My plans were to come home from church and do some cleaning and such, but mom and dad asked me to join them for lunch.  We ate at Jason's Deli and when I finally got home, I was stuffed, so I choose to catch up on my DVRed shows instead...  Dinner was here and I had made a (not quite big enough) pan of lasagna and some green beans and french bread.  I cheated and used Pillsbury french bread stick - won't do that again... I didn't care for it AT ALL!  We played the new game I got Daddy for Father's Day - Ratuki - FUN STUFF!!  Kinda like speed, but with 5 players!

Monday ~ ah, a day for all to sleep in - yeah right - you see how well that went over! Roger made biscuits and gravy for breakfast ~ we napped around the house for a good part of the afternoon and then headed over to the inlaws. Kiddos rode bikes, swam and played out front until dinner - ribs, chicken, potato salad & beans, followed by peach cobbler. Firework display was great and people were still setting them off as we headed to bed...

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