Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday runnings…

Today was nothing like a normal Wednesday!  We hit the floor running this morning, getting ready to head to the movies.  We had to go pick up Chunk – were waiting on Marl and Em to get here and Ry was wanting to take a friend.  Friend wasn’t able to join us, Marl and Em arrived just in time for us to go grab Chunk.  We walked in the movies at just. the. right. time!  And it was DARK in there!  Had a bit of trouble getting all seated and adjusted, but worked out fine!

Went to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians- the Lightening Thief.  I had no idea what it was about.  I liked it fine… pretty good story.  It was a story about Mythological gods, so please check it out for your family before you take my word for it.  If you’re into that kind of stuff (which I am really not…) it was a good movie!

We headed to Firehouse Subs for lunch (two kids meals FREE with an adult purchase).  The lady did even better than that for us! She gave me all three kids meal free & upsized their drinks!!  Off to the park to eat – kiddos preferred to play.  The adults ate – in the shade – in the breeze – until they were hot and sweaty. 

Marl helped me package the ton of books that had been mooched from my BookMooch account so I can get them to the mail and she grabbed a happy hour for us!  Ry went to G’ma’s to swim before church and then ended up going over there for the night.  I have Sam and one of her GScouty friends for the night- it is late and they are still up watching movies.  Not worried, they will sleep in! (I’m going to spend a few minutes updating my blog and then I am off to bed!)

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  1. Sounds like a busy day! Stopping by the crew to say hi!


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