Thursday, June 30, 2011

Galacto Kids

I was asked to check out and review a new game site for kiddos – GalactoKids. Here is a bit of information and background about the site.

I’ve been busy working and playing with Galacto Kidz to keep kids learning over the summer! Based on a lot of feedback, we’ve just improved the registration process making it easier than ever to sign-up.

I have a very special gift for you and your readers! There are no hoops for you or your readers to jump through. We really are giving away complimentary summer memberships to our favorite bloggers! All you have to do is share the code. No strings attached!! We’d love for you and your readers to join us! 

You (and ALL of your followers) can play for free all summer long at using the code HS605 .

Here’s a little background about Galacto Kids:

· Galacto Kidz was founded by fellow blogger and mother of twins, Elizabeth Loennborn.

· Galacto Kidz is an interactive virtual world for children 6-13 set on board a cool spaceship.

· Galacto Kidz provides a safe, fun and ad-free environment for gaming and informal education.

· The site includes a variety of games that teach math, logic, typing, spelling, and vocabulary, as well as arcade style games and an integrated social networking platform.

· Players choose an alien avatar that lives in a Pico Pod on a spaceship that is searching for new galaxies.

· Players can interact with other players, travel about the spaceship and visit other pods.

· Space dollars, called Gazingos, can be earned by successfully completing tasks or by winning games and can be used to purchase items in the Galacto Kidz virtual world.

· Kids can chat with their buddies and they can submit user reviews and user generated content in creative writing, art, and video formats.

· Arcade play includes battle and matching games, among others.

· Galacto Kidz is designed with high-level safety features that address the security concerns of parents.

· The virtual world goes beyond the requirements of COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act.

· A Parent’s Portal allows monitoring of everything a child does.

· Parents can see which games their children are playing, view friends and buddies, and can even block specific buddies if they feel it necessary.

· The site logs and archives all chats and correspondence.

· If a parent ever has questions about a child’s activity, all chats are available for review.

· Everyone in a room for any chat at any time can be identified.

So, I get the email this morning and head over to check things out.  I did have to set up an account, and will have the kiddos set up one as well.   It took me a bit to get in (kinda my fault, I didn’t check the junk folder for the confirmation!).  I did get a chance to peek in and look around, but not a chance to play just yet.  So, I am sharing this with you now & will be back - probably sometime next week (after the holiday & we get some time to play on it) - and let you know what we think about it!

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