Thursday, June 23, 2011

Visit #7 -drug study

Most of you know I have been doing this drug study since the end of February.  I have to go in for a check-up once a month for paperwork and to give myself an injection.  I also give myself an injection two weeks after the appointment - which puts an injection every two weeks.  I have been able to give these to myself without any issue.

I am thinking that I am not getting the placebo - I have truly been feeling better lately.  I know that many of you are more for natural cures and I am not saying that I have anything against them, but I have been on meds for Lupus many years longer than I ever knew anything about natural cures.  When your as sick as I have been and have been through what I have been through, it's a scary to take that step from meds to nothing... so, I haven't made that transition to natural - completely - I am working on it.  Anyways, wouldn't it be awesome if this was something that could help those with Lupus?  Think about all of those who know nothing more than medical helps or cures - who won't/can't try the natural items!  Are we on the road to a cure?

On another note, the doc was none too happy about the lack of help I have received from the latest pulmanologist.  He called and fussed at the office and apparently didn't care what they had to say, so, I am going to see yet another NEW lung doctor... please keep prayers for that coming!

I go back Monday for a lab draw - and it's kinda a good thing, there has been a reaction in the area that I gave the injection and I think that doc needs to see it!

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