Monday, June 27, 2011

My Week at a Glance

Well, I thought if I have to list my to do list of things that are not as fun, then I could list my week at a glance, with all of the fun things I/we hope to do!! Well, I know that my to do list could {should} also include fun things, and I may include a few this next week, but if I do that, then where's the fun in participating in both of these fun memes?

1. Game and Fish Turtle exhibit - perfect timing, since we have a new turtle friend residing on my sofa table!

2. Charlotte's Web at the movies!

3.  Mr. Brian!! If you are anywhere, even semi-located to AR, please make plans to go see Mr. Brian and Miss Terry! They are traveling a little out of state now as well!  He also has a FB fan page.  

4. Swim Team team party @ Splash Zone!

5. Percy Jackson at the movie!

At this time, I am unsure what the holiday weekend has in store for us.  I know there is some talks about a family get together on Saturday and I plan on attending that, UNLESS, I have to meet Rog's cousin Z outside of Memphis so he can come visit us for a couple of weeks!

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