Monday, June 27, 2011

Goal Plan Monday

Since this is my first round of Goal Planning Monday, I can't share what was accomplished from my last weeks list.  I did have a small list, but it wasn't very *accomplished* so we will just start fresh!

The things I am hoping to get marked off this week are:

1.) Computer desk cleaned- completely - drawers cleaned out and organized

2.) NRA Shooting Sports Event set up

3.) Finish patches on Sam's GS vest

4.) Turtle tank cleaned out

5.) Fridge/Freezer & big  freezer, all three cleaned out & maybe an inventory list

These are my main ones for this week - there are tons of other little things on my page - and these all have several steps to them- so let's see what we can get done this week!!

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  1. Thanks for joining up this week. I look forward to seeing your update next week!


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