Friday, June 17, 2011

Last day for only child Sam...

What a way to wake up this morning... to the dogs next door fighting - I think there was another dog up visiting also - along with a couple of kiddos - right below mine and Sam's window!  I threw the window open and yelled for the kids that were out there to turn the water hose on them.  Someone came out and separated them...

We headed to swim practice - I read my book for a while, then moved over to where some homeschool mom's were discussing the Rainbow Resources book... I am scared to look in it... I kinda know what I am wanting to do this next year (post to come soon) and I don't wanna make me doubt what I have in mind!

Ran into the scrapbook store and picked up a few things - found some cute baseball paper and some really neat-o swim team paper!! And I always find something for camping.... Now, if I can find time for scrapbooking!

Sam went with Mom and Em to see Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer - said it was cute.  Ice cream afterwards...then Em hung out here for a while.

Leftovers for dinner and just when I thought we were going to shower and head to bed extra early - Gramma calls - Chunky wants her to swim... so, off she goes again!  While she was gone, Ry called!  He sounded tired, but said he was having fun & is ready to come home tomorrow!

I think she is out - swim meet number 2 tomorrow- I am headed out as well!

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